Fascinating Aspects of The Human Brain.

how-much-of-the-brain-is-used-represented-by-digital-render-of-brain-activityThe Human Brain is one of the most inexplicable occurrences in the world. There are many phenomena which are incomprehensible and scientists all over have not been able to explain these. But many happenings performed by the brain are explained by the intellectuals and some of these are very, very queer ! So, here are some weird and strange facts about our  intricate brain!

  • ALL PLAY  AND NO WORK MAKES JOHNNY A DULL BOY ;BUT BEWARE AS TOO MUCH OF PLAYING CAN SHRINK YOUR BRAIN! Yes, you heard it right ! According to a study, ninety minutes of sweating can temporarily resize your brain as much as one year of growing older does and so does dehydration! Also there is paleoanthropological research proving that our brains are shrinking.
  • WE USE 100% OF OUR BRAIN FUNCTIONS- AT MOST TIMES! As opposed to the popular myth that we use only 30% or even a lesser amount of the portion of our brain, we use most of the brain, most of the times. According to Brett Wingeier, PhD, engineer, neuroscientist and co-founder of Halo Neuroscience,  this misconception arises because the brain is so versatile that insignificant changes cause only subtle complications. So, guys, if you thought that you would attain superhuman powers like Lucy (from the movie titled Lucy ), by using 100% of your brain functions, that is not the case! 
  • THE VICTORIANS WERE CLEVERER THAN THE AVERAGE PERSON TODAY-  The decline in the intelligence levels or the IQ of an average human being from the Victorian Era to Present Age (yielding a decline of − 1.16 IQ points per decade or − 13.35 IQ points since Victorian times)  shows that the Humans used to be smarter.  Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday, Alexander Graham Bell, Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison are a few notable intellectuals born in this era.
  • 70% OF OUR DAILY THOUGHTS ARE NEGATIVE – The million of thoughts running in our subconscious mind comprise of more than 70% self-critical, pessimistic, and fearful ones. This phenomenon is referred to as the “Negativity Dominance”. This phenomenon is associated with inferiority complex, thoughts related to love and approval and thoughts related to control seeking.
  • SYNESTHESIA: WHEN THE BRAIN MIXES UP THE SENSES. Synesthesia, a neurological condition where your brain is basically cross- wired, so certain stimuli comes in and creates the wrong response in the brain. It is a very bizarre condition where you can, for example, see a song!  Personally, this seems like a wonderful ability or perhaps, even a gift!  
A synesthetic painting. 

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