Ah, Memories!

The most elusive and fascinating aspect of the human brain is its capability to collect and store memories. We are able to remember things because our brain has a way of storing these things. We can differentiate between voices of different people, their appearance, their qualities and their preferences because of our brain’s tendency to remember things by storing it in an organised manner and providing it when needed.

Different parts of brain are accountable for this process such as visual cortex, motor cortex and language area. The elements of memory like words, emotions, sounds and sights are encoded in their respective areas of origination. And when a particular type of memory is to be recalled, the neural patterns involved in original encoding are reactivated. Interesting, isn’t it? Same are the little facts about the brain memory given below:

The part of brain that has a direct link with the sense of smell and plays an important role in the formation of new memories is called hippocampus.

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that is said to increase mental alertness but it cannot maintain the memory performance.

Do you know a traumatic experience has the potential to reinvent, distort, aggravate or create memory which is known as “false memory”?

As is the case with any other organ in the body, brain needs adequate exercise for the proper functioning of memory, i.e. harder thinking will facilitate the permanent storage of information. It is because thinking helps in the creation of a stronger connection among the neurons.

It is one of the wonderful memory facts that it starts working as early as the developing fetus reaches the age of twenty weeks in the womb!

There are two types of memory, namely short term and long term and, before becoming the part of long term memory, the information has to first pass through the short-term memory.



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