The Brain of a Genius.


Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”. The outline behind ‘God’ is that of a brain.

Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Marie Curie, Mozart, Alan Turing, Issac Newton, Elon Musk- all of these individuals have one thing in common,that is by the way of explanation, society through the ages has deemed them as a ‘Genius’. 


All of us at some point in our lives have encountered a ‘genius’, whether it is that one classmate who always comes at the top of the class, or a friend who gives a very brilliant solution at a time of crisis and so on. But obviously, their achievements or help is of no or very feeble contribution to the development of Mankind. And now we come to our main discussion for today- How does a  genius fabricate into existence? One thing that needs to be clarified is that there is no discrete or rather appropriate measure to compare a person’s ‘genius’. Although, one may observe that the  truest measure of genius is whether a person’s work resonates through the ages, or not. The names of the notable personalities I mentioned above have contributed to the society in such a way that their work has either transfigured or help conceptualise about certain matters.

From the various researches that have been conducted through the years, one thing is clear that genes, on the most part, don’t have a very significant role in the making of a genius. Even when there is a chance of ancestry being behind the making of a genius, the genes are not enough to make a genius. It takes a hunger for knowledge, and generally there is a great impact of social and cultural influences  on a potent genius. As in the case of Leonardo da Vinci, an all-rounding intellectual, from his artistic insights, his expertise in human anatomy, his prescient engineering—is unparalleled. Leonardo grew in the era of the Italian Renaissance, a time where there were abundant rivals, a surrounding of beautiful scenery and studying under the great master Andrea del Verrocchio and thus his ‘genius’ was stimulated. But natural gifts and a nurturing environment can still fall short of producing a genius, without motivation and tenacity propelling one forward. Alan Turing, the Father of Modern Computer Science, was interested and motivated to do coding and research on cryptography only when his school friend introduced it to him.

In more scientific terms, the thought process and creativity of geniuses throughout history have been proved to be more free- flowing. As in, the information flows across the two hemispheres of the brain more easily. The corpus callosum, a centrally located bundle of more than 200 million nerve fibers that joins the two hemispheres of the brain and facilitates connectivity between them. In a research, after a brain-mapping test, in the brains of the more intelligent or creative people had a wider corpus callosum than the others. Therefore, intellectual people let their thoughts flow freely and their brains somewhat lose the ability to criticize themselves, allowing new ideas trapped inside to occur freely.

To conclude, if we see on the whole, a ‘genius’ is trapped inside each of us and, who knows, will emerge out of us if provided with the correct stimulants. The depth to which our brain goes is unfathomable. If we compare the length of knowledge of the brain to a mile, we might have just come as far as only three inches; there are miles to go. So, awaken the genius within you and maybe you will become the next revolutionist!

You could be the next Einstein….

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