Ah, Memories!

The most elusive and fascinating aspect of the human brain is its capability to collect and store memories. We are able to remember things because our brain has a way of storing these things. We can differentiate between voices of different people, their appearance, their qualities and their preferences because of our brain's tendency to... Continue Reading →

Development Of Brain

The human brain is arguably the most complex of all biological systems. The mature brain is composed of more than 100 billion neurons. It has the most complex connectons and structure. Even after extensive researches and in deapth knowledge of brain, it continues to be a mystery and fascination of all. If brain itself is... Continue Reading →

The Brain of a Genius.

Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Marie Curie, Mozart, Alan Turing, Issac Newton, Elon Musk- all of these individuals have one thing in common,that is by the way of explanation, society through the ages has deemed them as a 'Genius'. 

Fascinating Aspects of The Human Brain.

The Human Brain is one of the most inexplicable occurrences in the world. There are many phenomena which are incomprehensible and scientists all over have not been able to explain these. But many happenings performed by the brain are explained by the intellectuals and some of these are very, very queer ! So, here are some weird and strange facts about our  intricate brain!

The Human Brain- A Stroke of Serendipity or the Denouement of Evolution?

Many people out there who believe in a God, or have a religious mindset would often credit the creation of life as a  miracle performed by a supreme power or Being. A 'God' which differs from religion to religion. That He has had planned it all out, and has set everything in motion from the beginning of time. But I, having an agnostic outlook, believe that life, as we know it, is the  result of  extensive and sophisticated evolution. 

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